Helping developers (and designers, PMs, etc.) find great work

It’s hard for great developers in Australia to find good teams and projects when they’re looking for something new. About as hard as it is for companies to attract great developers. They’re (both) out there, but seem to only rarely connect. I frequently have both developers and companies ask me to hook them up, but usually come up short when put on the spot. Companies are served, if not well then at least somewhat, by recruiters, LinkedIn, referral bonuses and so on, but individuals don’t have many resources.

I want to help great people find great projects, so I’m trying something new. As a service to engineers, developers, designers, PMs and other people who work closely with them, I’m going to curate a list of interesting places for technical people to work. Great teams, interesting products, strong businesses. Each month I’ll publish an email highlighting a few such companies with a very brief outline of why I think they’re interesting. It will be highly subjective, but I hope useful nonetheless.

You can read more about it, or just subscribe right now.

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