Alex’s engineering gig list

It’s hard for great technology engineers (and designers, PMs, etc) to find great places to work in Australia. They’re out there, but you’re too busy coding and they’re too busy sucking at reaching out to you and so when the time comes that you feel like a change it seems like options are slim. I want to help great people and great projects find each other.

Subscribe below, and I’ll send you one email a month highlighting a couple of good companies/teams in Australia with interesting engineering/design/PM projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re not looking now: file them away for next time the facepalms are coming too frequently, or just sate your curiosity about what other people are doing. The companies will all be established and the gigs will all be paid (though I might add a “ground floor” section for nascent start-ups if there’s demand).

I won’t accept payment for mentioning any company, but I reserve the right to seek a sponsor if this gets popular enough to cost me money. But, just so we’re clear, this will be highly subjective content: the list is curated by me and you’ll get my opinion of what’s interesting. I care about great peers, challenging projects, meaningful impact. Subscribe if you think my interests will line up with yours.


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P.S. The obvious ones: Google, Atlassian. And for openings right now, check out Silicon Beach Jobs.


  • Will you keep my subscription private?
    I promise never to release personal information about who is subscribed, to anyone, ever.
  • What about other types of engineering and non-technical jobs?
    I’m focussing on places where I can make a good judgement of the team and technology for now. Sorry.
  • Can’t you just publish the list as a web page I can look at later?
    I tried that a few years ago but discovered that both I forgot to keep it up to date and people forgot to look at it. I’m more comfortable with the informal and subjective nature of the content as an email.
  • I’m suspicious, do you have an ulterior motive?
    Yes: I want to redistribute engineering talent towards better projects and stop y’all emigrating to Silicon Valley.
  • Uh huh? Any more?
    Not telling!



  • I’m hiring, can you list my company?
    Maybe! Read about How to attract engineers and then send me an email explaining why your company is such a great place for smart technical people to work. I *will* do background checks.
  • I’m looking for a technical co-founder. Can you help?
    Read my advice.